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IVF Infertility surgery in India: Facts Revealed!

IVF infertility surgery in India:

IVF (In vitro fertilization) surgery in India is performed by highly skilled and experienced surgeons. The IVF is the joining of a woman’s egg and men’s sperm in a laboratory dish. The term “in vitro” indicates that “outside the body” while fertilization means “the sperm has attached to and entered the egg”.

IVF infertility Procedure:

IVF is a form of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) that uses special medical techniques to help women become pregnant. This treatment has been successful since 1978 and often tried when other less costly fertility techniques have failed.
The five basic steps for the IVF infertility procedure include the following:

1)    Stimulation, also called as super ovulation:
Women are given medicines called as fertility drugs to boost her egg production. Normally, a woman produces one egg per month, but the fertility drugs tell the ovaries to produce several eggs. During the super ovulation, women will be required to have blood tests to check her hormone levels and transvaginal ultrasound regularly to examine the ovaries.

2)    Egg retrieval:
A minor surgery known as follicular aspiration is performed to remove the eggs from the woman’s body. Usually, this surgery is done as an outpatient procedure at the doctor’s clinic. The female patient will be given medicines so that she does not feel pain during this surgery. Your doctor will use the ultrasound images as a guide while inserting a thin needle through the vagina into the ovary and follicles containing eggs. Then the needle is connected to a suction device so as to pull the eggs and fluid out of each follicle, one at a time. This process is repeated for the other ovary.
Post surgery, the patient may feel cramping, which will subside within a day. In rare cases, a pelvic laparoscopy will be required to remove the eggs. In case of the woman do not or cannot produce any eggs, then donated eggs may be used.

3)    Insemination and fertilization:
The man’s sperm is placed together with the best quality eggs and this is stored in an environmentally controlled chamber. The process of mixing the sperm and the egg is called as insemination. Usually, the sperm enters or fertilizes an egg a few hours after insemination. If the doctor thinks the chance of fertilization is low, then the laboratory staff may directly inject the sperm into the egg and this process is called as intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). Most fertility programs routinely perform ICSI on some of the eggs, even when everything is normal.

4)    Embryo culture:
When the fertilized eggs divide, then it becomes an embryo. The laboratory staff will check the embryo regularly to ensure that it grows properly. A normal embryo has several cells, which divides actively within a period of five days.
Couples having high risk of passing a hereditary disorder to a child may consider a pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). Usually, this procedure is performed about three to four days after fertilization. 

5)    Embryo transfer:
The embryos are placed into the woman’s womb three to five days after the egg retrieval and fertilization. The female patient will be awake during this procedure and it is often performed at the doctor’s clinic. 

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